What is Relationship Compatibility

Do you think Relationship Compatibility is a simple concept? Think again. But, we can make it simple for you.


We all have at least four types of relationships in our lives: Personal/Love Relationships, Professional Relationships, Friendship, and Family Relationships. Throughout our lives, we come across hundreds of people, some of whom we may have dated or tried to form a special bond with, others would end up being close friends or professional friends.

What is that special formula that out of hundreds of people that we come across (in school/college/University/professional and personal lives), only those few special people end up taking those important positions in our lives? What are the criteria that are being set by us for someone to occupy that special position of a personal/friend/professional relationship? Is that criteria written somewhere? And did we apply that criteria when choosing those relationships? It turns out that nothing of that sort is taught in any school, college or University. Assuming that we all are smart and intellectual enough to possess that knowledge of finding out which person will be good for us at which position (personal/professional/friendship, let’s take an example of a personal relationship.

Out of hundreds of people that we meet in our lifetime, you would have perhaps dated a few or tried to make that special connection. But, “only one” person ends up becoming that special someone (assuming one girlfriend/boyfriend/partner at any one time), with whom you would like and feel to share your private life/private space. On the flip side, we have seen on numerous occasions and perhaps see it every day, that someone who chose the perfect person for themselves, later ends up hating that same person or that person is no longer attractive or the feelings had changed for that person. And this goes to such a wild extent that even though those love relationships had a stronger bond in terms of children, the partners still go apart and we can see single parents in our society. And if money matters in this world, a lot of people for whom their love of life now does not matter, end up breaking even though it costs them a lot of money in divorce settlements. So, what is it that has changed? They are the same people who initially liked each other, dated each other, and perhaps got married and have children with each other. Do you think they did not know the knowledge of Relationship Compatibility and the person they “thought” was “right” for them was “not actually right” for them in the long run?

The same example (as mentioned above) can be applied for professional relationships and friendships.

Sneak Peek – the power of Attributes?

Now, how is this possible to know the outcome of a Relationship Compatibility beforehand? Well, one of the powerful ways, is to know “the ATTRIBUTES” of a person. Imagine, if I know the attributes of fire and you very well know what can happen if someone puts their hand in the fire. Now, if someone wishes to try putting their hand into the fire without knowing the attributes of the fire itself, you can imagine the suffering and devastation that a person will feel. I would not like you to link up the fire with relationships. That was just an example emphasizing the concept of attributes.

The power of ATTRIBUTES


I will now share the strongest and the most powerful concept, which is the foundation for understanding the spectrum of Relationship Compatibility. All living things and non-living things comprise what I call ATTRIBUTES. Keeping in view the example of the attributes of fire (as mentioned above), each human being also has a set of attributes built into them. And knowing these attributes can help you to a great extent where you will exactly know why certain relationships work for you and why certain relationships do not work for you. The interesting part is, none of this RELATIONSHIP ATTRIBUTES knowledge is taught in any school, college, or university. Hence, you are left to hit and trial in your own life which can cost you a lot of your time, money and emotions which will make no sense why you are not getting along in that specific personal/professional/friendship relationship, which would have actually been so important to you. Our consultation will surely give you that helping hand to save you time, money, and your precious emotions. It will save you time by not experimenting with relationships on your own. It will save you money by spending on someone who will actually turn out to be important rather than who will just walk away when you need them the most. It will save your precious emotions and feelings by sharing them ONLY with those who deserve them and who will stick with you for the long term.

Now that we know about attributes, the powerful thing is that we all remember things by their ATTRIBUTES as well. For example, if you have food (pasta or rice) in your plate ready to be eaten, your brain will not command you to pick up a knife as you know that the ATTRIBUTES of a knife is to cut things and not hold things which are needed to eat food. You will, therefore, use a fork or a spoon to eat that food. And if you have a more specific food, like a soup, you can well imagine that your brain will not pick up the fork due to its ATTRIBUTES different than that of a spoon. And there can be numerous other examples. The point to emphasize here is that our minds work based on the ATTRIBUTES of the things so that we can solve our day to day problems. I’ll use the words’ mind and brain interchangeably.

To give you some more examples in terms of non-living things, each thing has a set of ATTRIBUTES. For example wood, metal, air, plastic, sand, etc. Now each of these things has what I call as the core attributes. For example, wood has the core attributes but there can then be many types of wood like oak (long-lasting wood), pine (lightweight wood), birch (durable hardwood), maple (hardest wood types for furniture) and the list goes on. You will be surprised to learn that there can be variations in each of these woods. For example, wood color covers a wide range—yellow, green, red, brown, black, and nearly pure white woods exist. And then, there are more than 60 species of oak in the United States, more than 100 species of pine, several species of birch, and finally 115 species of a maple grown around the world.

The bottom line is, there are CORE ATTRIBUTES of wood, which will be present in all types and species of wood. If I list 3 CORE ATTRIBUTES of wood, then, (1) it can be bent or twisted into special shapes, (2) can be used as fuel in the fireplace of home, (3) can be used in insulation. There can be many other core attributes of wood but I have only written 3 core attributes that came to my mind. Thus, no matter which type of wood it is (oak, pine, birch, etc.), these 3 attributes will be inbuilt into them (unless that is an exceptional type of wood – and we all know exceptions exist everywhere).


Attributes for Human Beings

Now that you understand the power of ATTRIBUTES, the same way, when it comes to human beings, we all have a SET OF ATTRIBUTES as well. Have you ever heard people saying, this is ME and I would not like to change? What they are actually referring to, are the ATTRIBUTES which are built into them. Now, where do these ATTRIBUTES come from? In this modern world, there are lots of things that can be changed in human beings. Name, Address, Phone Number, email – all can be changed. And with the latest technology in place, personal looks and even gender can be changed as well. But there is ONLY one thing that remains constant in a HUMAN BEINGs life and that is their date of birth! And it is this date of birth that gives each individual the set of CORE ATTRIBUTES built into them.

A lot of people when I first start to mention them, say that I do not believe in this ATTRIBUTES thing. And I’m like, does that make any difference if someone believes in it or not, that, that thing will not exist? For example: the Earth rotates, which causes day and night. In reality, we cannot feel the actual rotation, which does not mean Earth is not rotating. We have to believe what the researchers out there have found. And there is no point to reinvent the wheel or to go and find out the same thing or validate the same thing by doing a hit and trial or to spend a fortune into finding out the same thing. The same way, human being has CORE ATTRIBUTES, which is built into them based on their date of birth. And I’m not the one who claims it. This information has been there for many many years, perhaps centuries and we will use this as a foundation to understand Relationship Compatibility. More specifically, these CORE ATTRIBUTES are called as your STAR SIGN/ZODIAC sign, which is assigned to you when you were born. We will not talk about astrology which is “the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world” nor we will discuss the time of your birth, place of your birth, placement of planets, your moon sign, rising sun, the houses or how your life will be in a certain day, week or month.

The only thing that is of interest within the star sign/zodiac sign is your core attributes. Let’s take an example of a magnet. A magnet does not attract all types of metal. For example, a magnet only attracts specific types of metals such as iron, cobalt, nickel, steel (because it is mostly iron), manganese, gadolinium, and lodestone. A magnet does not attract metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, gold, lead, and silver because they are weak metals. The crux of this concept is that although steel and aluminum might look the same to us but the attributes of both these metals are different and hence, they behave differently with a magnet. Ever wondered why you get along with one of your siblings and not with the other or get along with one of your friends and not with the friend of your friend? The reason would now make sense to you. Your attributes would be different than that of the other person and those attributes do not attract. It’s time that you learn which attributes of human beings attract each other and which attributes of human beings do not attract each other like in the case of a magnet example above.


Types of People in this world based on Attributes

Keeping in view the discussion of the above attributes, we can divide the entire people of this world into 12 types (because there are 12-star signs/zodiac signs. We will not get into the details of the controversial Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign of the Zodiac.). And if you can put an effort to know only 2-3 core attributes of each star sign, you can connect with each person in this world at a whole different level. Hence, from now onwards, I would not like you to perceive anyone based on their age, ethnicity, culture, background, or gender when you meet them for the first time. Rather, you would know each person by their core attributes which will help you out in the long run as to which ‘sort of relationship’ and to what ‘extent of the relationship’ you can have with that person (acquaintance, friends, professional, or love relationship). And not only that, since you would know the compatibility match of your attribute with that other person, it will not be a secret anymore as to why that relationship is going in the right direction or is going astray. Therefore, all you need to know is your star sign and the star sign of the other person. We will let you know what extent of relationship compatibility you can have with that other person by giving it a numerical score out of 10 and an explanation with examples.

Most of the people say to me, how can you know the person in its entirety by just knowing their star sign/zodiac sign? Well, my practicality is that, if there are roughly 4-6 core attributes of each STAR sign, and, if you know 2-3 core attributes of that star sign then, you technically know the person up to 50% the first time you meet them, by just knowing their star sign. How cool is that? “Knowing the person up to 50% from the first time we have met…”. We will not judge people in that way, but it at least gives you a starting point and you can build your way up. For e.g., if someone is argumentative and always wants to have the last word in an argument, there is no point banging your head in a wall and wasting your precious time and energy. You know what the outcome will be as it’s their core attribute. Therefore, in that case, you quickly know that the only choice is to agree to their view point or leave because in no way you will be able to convince that argumentative person who always wants to have that last word in that discussion. As a challenge, you can do the research or consult us to find out which STAR sign that is who is Argumentative and wants to have the last word. As for me, to be honest, I forget people’s names straight away as soon as I have met them. What can I gauge from the name of a person? There is usually nothing in a name which can give you any information about that person and names can usually be changed and people are often known by their nicknames. Or what added advantage do I have if I can see or know their ethnicity? But, if I know their star sign, I know at least 3 of their core attributes which can help me deal with that person at a more phenomenal level. And in this Relationship Compatibility consultation, you will not only learn about the attributes of the other person but you will actually know your compatible relationship with each one of them (best, average, and worst compatibility).


Pros and Cons of attributes

Like everything, there are pros and cons, and so it is with the attributes. For e.g., if we know the attributes of a knife, through which we cut our various groceries, we are using it in a positive way to help our living. But we have seen it in this world and continue to see that people have used a knife to take someone else’s life as well. It’s not the fault of the knife. Knives have certain attributes and once we know the attributes, it’s up to us how we can use them for our best benefit or for the worst of humans. Similarly, once you know the core attributes of each star sign, you can use that knowledge either for your benefit or misuse it in different ways. Since I’m writing this information in good faith, I would like my readers to use this wealth of knowledge in a positive way by helping yourself and others around you.

Finally, for simplification, you have to know the title of your attribute based on your date and month of birth. Most people would already know, but I’m pasting the chart below which will make it easier for you to either know or re-validate the title of your core attributes.


Date & Month of Birth Title of Attribute/Types of People/           Star sign/ Zodiac Sign
 March 21 – April 19 Aries
April 20 – May 20 Taurus
May 21 – June 20 Gemini
June 21 – July 22 Cancer
July 23 – August 22 Leo
August 23 – September 22 Virgo
September 23 – October 22 Libra
October 23 – November 21 Scorpio
November 22 – December 21 Sagittarius
December 22 – January 19 Capricorn
January 20 – February 18 Aquarius
February 19 – March 20 Pisces


I hope the above explanation would have been helpful to know the tip of the iceberg about “What is Relationship Compatibility”.